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Arthur von Wiesenberger (l) with Anthony Dias Blue (of Blue Lifestyle) who presented Arthur with the IRHA Award for his program, Around The World in 2008.

AnimalZone Host & Executive Producer, Arthur von Wiesenberger - "Nipper"


Arthur von Wiesenberger has been a life-long animal lover. Growing up his family always had dogs, cats, birds, turtles, frogs and fish. He attended Aiglon College in Switzerland where he was active in a school club that was particularly concerned with animal welfare. He brought to the school, in the late 1960s, films by Friends of Animals that were educational about animal cruelty. 


He has been active with various animal welfare organizations over many years. Seven years ago he and his fiance Wendy adopted an 8-month old pit bull, Mikey, with considerable medical challenges. Three surgeries later and lots of rehabilitation, Mikey can now walk and play again and he has brought so much love and joy to the family. More recently, Arthur brought a new addition,  an abandoned kitten found in the Sequoias. Christened Electra, the 7-month old kitten has filled the home with fun and cuddles for Mikey and his pawrents.


Arthur is a graduate of Brooks Institute with a specialty in motion picture production. He has produced numerous documentaries beginning with Comoro filmed in the Comoro Islands in 1972. He has worked as associate producer for the NBC specials, Hollywood Outtakes (1976/77), as well as Warriors of The Wind (1978) and produced White on White (1973). He hosted various television series including Cinema Scene (1977), Nipper's Table Talk (2000 - 2017), Around The World (1998-2018), and What's Cooking with Arthur von Wiesenberger (2013-16). 

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