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Kittens, Cabernet and Celebrities

Prepare for an extraordinary episode of AnimalZone as the spotlight turns to the remarkable individuals and organizations making a lasting impact on the world of animal rescue and care.

Jeffyne Telson takes center stage, sharing the inspiring work of ResQcats. Viewers are treated to heart-touching tales of feline rescue and rehabilitation, gaining a firsthand look at the dedication and compassion that go into giving cats and kittens a second chance at a loving home.

Next, the episode features a conversation with Sally Jordan, the esteemed personality behind Jordan Wines, as she delves into her lifelong love affair with adopted animals. From heartwarming tales of companionship to the joys of providing a forever home, Jordan's stories resonate with the deep connection between humans and their adopted furry friends.

Renowned animal trainer and Oprah's personal dog coach, Tamar Geller, graces the episode with her expertise on animal training. Drawing from her experience and the wisdom found in her New York Times bestseller, "The Loved Dog," Geller shares valuable insights into effective and compassionate ways to train and communicate with our beloved animal companions.

The episode reaches its pinnacle with a captivating tour of the mobile pet clinic of CARE 4 PAWS, led by Isabelle Gullo. As viewers are guided through the facilities, they gain an appreciation for the essential services provided by CARE 4 PAWS, bringing veterinary care directly to pets in need. Gullo's insights into their mobile clinic's operations underscore the organization's commitment to accessible and compassionate pet care.

AnimalZone's third episode is a rich tapestry of stories, expertise, and compassion, showcasing the incredible work of individuals and organizations dedicated to the welfare of animals. Whether you're a cat lover, an advocate for adoption, or interested in effective training techniques, this episode promises a delightful and informative journey into the diverse and impactful world of animal care.

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