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Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My!

In "Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My!", embark on a captivating journey to Lions, Tigers & Bears, an exotic animal sanctuary and educational haven nestled in Alpine, California. Join the charismatic Founder, Bobbi Brink, as she introduces viewers to the enchanting inhabitants of this accredited model sanctuary.

The episode showcases the incredible work being done at Lions, Tigers & Bears, where the highest standards of care are provided for a diverse array of rescued exotic animals. Bobbi Brink guides us through the sanctuary, highlighting the unique stories of Louie the lion, Liberty the bear, and Nola the tiger, offering a glimpse into the challenges these animals faced before finding a safe and loving home at the facility.

As viewers explore the grounds, they'll witness the dedication of the caretakers and the sanctuary's commitment to the welfare of more than 60 rescued animals representing 19 different species. From heartwarming interactions to the educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness about exotic animal conservation, "Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My!" provides an intimate and informative look at the daily operations of this extraordinary sanctuary.

Get ready for an episode filled with awe-inspiring stories, breathtaking visuals, and a deep dive into the compassionate world of exotic animal rescue and sanctuary care. "Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My!" is a celebration of the triumphs and challenges faced by both the caretakers and the remarkable animals that call this sanctuary home.

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