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From DonkeyLand to the Matterhorn
In this heartwarming episode of AnimalZone, we pay tribute to the late Bob Barker, beloved host of 'The Price is Right' and a passionate advocate for animals. We delve into Bob's childhood on an Indian Reservation in North Dakota, where he developed a deep affection for donkeys, famously stating that he "never met a donkey that [he] didn't like." Bob's legacy lives on through his support for animal causes, and we explore his connection to a remarkable sanctuary known as DonkeyLand.
Our journey begins at DonkeyLand, a sanctuary founded in 2011 by dedicated individuals who share Bob's admiration for these gentle creatures. Chad, one of the founders, takes us through the fascinating history of donkeys, tracing their roots from ancient Egypt to their migration from Spain to Mexico and eventually to the United States. Donkeys played a crucial role during the California gold rush, shouldering the heavy burden of hard labor. However, as the 20th century dawned, these resilient animals were no longer needed, leading to their release into the wilds of the Western U.S. desert.
At DonkeyLand, we meet Dr. Paul Wan, the compassionate veterinarian responsible for the well-being of these remarkable donkeys. Dr. Wan discusses the challenges they face, including the unfortunate encounters with vehicles on the nearby highways and the threat of equine influenza. He shares his successful treatment approach using antibiotics, ensuring the health and safety of these cherished animals.
The AnimalZone team then embarks on an international adventure, crossing the Atlantic to the picturesque town of Zermatt, Switzerland. Here, we meet Amade Perrig, former Director of Tourism for Zermatt, who enlightens us about the region's unique wildlife. He recounts the challenges faced by early settlers, including the pesky rodents that posed a constant threat to their food supplies.
Moreover, Perrig shares his exhilarating experiences climbing the iconic Matterhorn, a towering peak that inspired none other than Walt Disney. Learn how this awe-inspiring mountain influenced the creation of a miniature replica at Disneyland in Anaheim during the 1950s, connecting the world of entertainment with the natural wonders of the Swiss Alps.
Join us for a heartfelt and informative episode that celebrates the love for animals, the preservation of donkey heritage, and the beauty of wildlife in Zermatt, all in memory of the legendary Bob Barker.

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