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Santa Barbara Humane Society

Adopt A Bunny Rabbit

Vicki Anderholt, Founder

Calabasas, CA, USA

Adopt A Bunny Rabbit's goal is to find forever homes for abandoned and unwanted bunnies, while providing support for bunny adopters and assist with education about bunnies.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Andrea Kutsch Academy, Inc.

Andrea Kutsch, Founder


Andrea Kutsch has achieved what many horse-loving people dream of: She has put her findings about the non-violent use of horses with EBEC on a scientifically proven basis. The horse trainer is known in Germany and beyond the national borders as an outstanding competence in equine horse training. It inspires and unites people who pursue the same goals and priorities.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Animal Acupuncture

Andrew Dainsberg, DVM, CVA

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

A practicing veterinarian for over 20 years, Dr. Dainsberg earned his Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Science and Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Animal Chiropractor

Sherry Gaber, DC

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420, USA

Sherry received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 1977 from the Palmer college of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She is also a certified AVCA (American Veterinarian Chiropractic Association) practitioner.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Animal Friends Rescue Project

Darla Smith, Executive Director

Pacific Grove, CA, USA

AFRP is dedicated to finding good permanent homes for abandoned, stray and abused companion animals and ending the pet overpopulation crisis through focused spay/neuter programs.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Animal Shelter Assistance Program

Angela Yates, Executive Director

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

The mission of the Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP) is to save the lives of cats in Santa Barbara County by providing shelter, veterinary care, behavioral support, adoption and foster services, education and community outreach.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Animal Wellness Action

Wayne Pacelle, President

Washington, DC, USA

Helping animals by influencing legislation and policy shaping animal protection and welfare laws to ensure better lives for wild and captive animals.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines

Karen Atlas, PT, MPT, CCRT, Founder

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines is Santa Barbara’s only stand-alone canine rehabilitation and performance facility led by certified and licensed professionals.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Author & Animal Behaviorist

Tamar Geller

California, USA

New York Times bestselling author Tamar Geller is known for her innovative methods, enthusiasm, and celebrity clients such as Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Oprah.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Best Selling Author & Horse Trainer

Monty Roberts

Buellton, CA USA

An 11-time World Champion Rider and acclaimed author, Monty Roberts has dedicated his life to horses. From compassionate training to youth education, Monty has pioneered a new way of looking at equines.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Black Iron Farrier

Robert Barns, Owner

Santa Ynez, CA

My love of horses and my desire of bringing comfort to their feet (ever seen a happy horse with bad feet?) motivated me to become a farrier.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter

Jean Silva & Kimmi Swann

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

BUNS is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to the care and welfare of rabbits and guinea pigs. BUNS works to find bunnies and guinea pigs permanent homes, and educates the public on caring for their guinea pig and rabbit companion.

Santa Barbara Humane Society


Isabelle Gullo, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Buellton, CA, USA

Since 2009, C.A.R.E.4Paws has worked to reduce pet overpopulation, keep animals out of shelters and improve quality of life for pets and pet owners in need in Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Cat Therapy

Catalina Estevez, Founder

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Cat Therapy helps save cats facing euthanasia and homelessness by fostering them at our beautiful, cage free lounge. Cat Therapy works with an amazing rescue organization called Stray Cat Alliance.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Coastal Canine Magazine

Carie Broecker, Founder & Editor

Pacific Grove, CA, USA

Coastal Canine is an upbeat, entertaining, and informational magazine for dog lovers who enjoy hiking, traveling, and dining with their canine companions.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Community Cat Coalition

Jayme & Debbie

Camarillo, CA, USA

The Community Cat Coalition is the feline wing of the Herman Bennett Foundation and is dedicated to sheltering, spay/neuter and care of feral cats in Ventura County.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Dermatology & Allergy Clinic For Animals

Dr. Jean Greek

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Dr. Greek is the only board certified veterinary dermatologist on the central coast and has seen cases in affiliation with CARE in Santa Barbara and the Pet Emergency Clinic in Ventura. In 2011, she opened her own practice.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Diety Dogs + Goods

Ellen & Lindsay, Co-Owners

Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Deity Animal Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization based in Los Angeles. It is their passion and mission to rescue, rehabilitate and place stray, neglected and shelter dogs into loving, responsible and committed homes.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Dog Days Search & Rescue

Jen Weak, Founder

Simi Valley, CA

Dog Days Search & Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, volunteer based, animal search and rescue group. The primary focus is to help lost animals reunite with their owners. In addition, they also focus on helping abandoned or stray animals in need and work to get them to safety.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

DogE911 All Pet Emergency Training

Genéte Bowen, Founder & Trainer

Santa Maria, CA

DogE911 All Pet Emergency Training invites you to be your own First Responder. They are an 'All Pet Emergency Training,' prevention care, & disaster preparedness program where the common layperson can be comfortable performing triage on any animal.