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Season 4

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 1

The premier episode of Season 4 of AnimalZone explores the world of animal rescue and adoption in the age of the pandemic. Animal Shelters like the Santa Barbara Humane Society and ASAP have come up with innovative approaches for helping their rescues find forever families and homes. C.A.R.E4Paws and the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network show us what they have been able to achieve in the world of animal welfare, even in these difficult times.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 2

This week on AnimalZone we explore clarity of thought when training a dog thanks to expert dog trainer Brian Glen. At ASAP, we discuss their Working Cat Program. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with a rescued mustang and Nicolette of Wild to Willing Horsemanship who rescued him through the Bureau of Land Management.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 3

AnimalZone visits the Santa Barbara Humane Society to learn about their transportation program from cars to aircraft, all working to bring dogs, cats and their future pawrents together. We talk with Julian Abitia, a young teen who, last year, rescued two doberman-shepherd mixes and now has added a third rescue healer mix to his pack. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks to a young woman and her special horse.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 4

Have you ever seen a Zonkey? It half donkey and half zebra and 100% amazing. We will meet one along with an ark full of terrific creatures at Seein’ Spots Farm in Ballard. Then Little Star, a miniture therapy horse, and his pawrent, Diane Hall, demonstrates some of his star-studded talents. We also meet Annie Hayes, an animal lawyer and advocate, explains some of the legal issues around animal ownership.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 5

Larissa Wohl, the Pet Rescue Expert, talks with Rita Earl Blackwell, a professional photographer who devotes her life to photographing the animals in LA Shelters and helping them to get rescued. Brian Glen, the Dog Behaviorist, explores more about how to get a dog to respect and understand it's owner. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, unravels a mystery about a dog rescued from Peru.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 6

We visit Seein Spots Farm in Ballard and tour their amazing rescued animals including a very affectionate goose named Mr. Bill. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with Michelle Silva and her rescued dog from China. Larissa Wohl, Hallmark Channel's Pet Rescue Expert takes us to Paw Works in Camarillo.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 7

At the Santa Barbara Humane Society, we learn about animal transportation and get some tip about transporting pets. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with a dog trainer, his dog and hers. Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, uncovers a brilliant way to help sightless dogs navigate with Muffin's Halo.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 8

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, speaks with Michelle Silva and her Bruley, a deceased dog that was a star on Netflix's Queer Eye. We learn about CBD for pets from Jessica Pearson, owner of Your CBD Store in Santa Barbara. . Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, speaks with the founder of Grounds & Hounds and how he was inspired to help in the animal rescue world.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 9

The Wildlife Care Network releases some wonderful rescued animals and we get to witness the reunion between creatures and nature. Birds, bunnies and even a couple of opossums return to the wild in this episode of AnimalZone. At C.A.R.E. 4Paws we learn about their Kid’s Camp where learning and fun blossom around animals. We also meet GotMatcha’s founder, Rebekha Kjos, and she explains the company’s CBD products for pets.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 10

AnimalZone is going to the dogs this week with our "all-doggie" episode! At K9 Solutions their daily puppy play brings lots of wags to all involved. At the Santa Barbara Humane Society the Reactive Rover education class reveals some great tips on training one’s pup. How about a salon for dogs that rivals most human salons? All that and more this week on AnimalZone.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 11

Cats take center stage as we feature an all-kitty episode. At ResQCats we meet some adorable kittens with Jeffyne Telson. Then we meet Simba, a rescue cat from ResQcats that has found a loving home with Mindy and her family. Imagine a grooming salon that caters to kitties? We learn how cats are purring for an appointment at this luxury spa. Then we meet a cat that is running for Mayor in the California coastal town of Carpinteria. Known as Juno, the Klepto Cat, this could be a cat-as-trophy for local politics!

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 12

At ResQCats we meet with Jeffyne Telson who shares her new book about her Greek adventure to an island of 15,000 cats. Larissa Wohl, Hallmark’s Pet Rescue Expert, joins us at AdoptABunnyRabbit's founder Vicki Anderholt, and we meet some adorable bunnies with a fascinating history. We introduce a new feature, Andrea Kutsh, "Das Horse Professor” who has taken horse whispering to a new level and is a huge success in her native Germany. Then it’s a visit with Best Friends in Mission Hills and we learn about this shelter organization that is helping rescued dogs and cats across the nation.

AnimalZone Season 4, Episode 13

It is puppies-a-gogo at K-9 Solutions where we learn some puppy training tips. Andrea Kutsch, Das Horse Professor, shares some equine insights from her academy that focuses on stress-free horse communication and education. Mitch Telson, former CEO of Petco, introduces us to a newly adopted sulcata tortoise. Then it's Back to The Future with Lisa and Christopher Lloyd with their pitbull puppy Elton.

AnimalZone Season 4 Promo

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