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Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1

This premier episode of Season 5 is the first in our new national primetime slot which features Jes MaHarry, a top jeweler and animal rescuer from Ojai. Her horses speak with Laura Stinchfield, "The Pet Psychic", and reveals some of the things on their minds. Speaking of horses, “Das Horse Professor”, Andrea Kutsch, explores the equine brain from a scientific perspective. Larissa Wohl, “The Pet Rescue Expert” talks with Vicki Anderholt from AdoptABunnyRabbit sanctuary in Calabasas to better understand how a bunny survives in the wild and some of the wild things they do. Andrea Gaines of Horse, Heart & Connection, discusses and demonstrates her program using horses for helping human therapy issues.

Season 5, Episode 2

Das Horse Professor, Andrea Kutsch, explains the method of communicating with equines through body language. She explains the differences between scientific horse trainers and horse whispers.

The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, talks with a dog trainer, Anthony Sorosky of The Montecito Dog Trainer and his dog Cooper who has had challenges with aggressive behavior.

The Pet Rescue Expert, Larissa Wohl, visit’s the cattery with Samantha Bell and a playful cat named Shelia at Best Friends in Mission Hills. Samantha explains how to bond with a cat.

Season 5, Episode 3

One of the worse things that can happen to a family is their pet gets lost. In this episode, Dog Days Search and Rescue reveals how they have helped families find their beloved pets. We follow the story of a pet pooch that got lost in Malibu and how he managed to avoid threats like bobcats, traffic, and surviving in the wild for three days. Laura Stinchfield, “The Pet Psychic,” talks with the dog to determine what happened during those days.

The founders of Operation Blankets of Love, Eileen and Brad Smulson, explain how the simple idea of providing the comfort of a clean blanket to animals in shelters has expanded across the nation and internationally into a kind of Red Cross for animals.

“Das Horse Professor,” Andrea Kutsch, demonstrates how a horse can accept something that it doesn’t initially want by using a mindful approach.

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