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Season 5

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Season 5

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1

This premier episode of Season 5 is the first in our new national primetime slot which features Jes MaHarry, a top jeweler and animal rescuer from Ojai. Her horses speak with Laura Stinchfield, "The Pet Psychic", and reveals some of the things on their minds. Speaking of horses, “Das Horse Professor”, Andrea Kutsch, explores the equine brain from a scientific perspective. Larissa Wohl, “The Pet Rescue Expert” talks with Vicki Anderholt from AdoptABunnyRabbit sanctuary in Calabasas to better understand how a bunny survives in the wild and some of the wild things they do. Andrea Gaines of Horse, Heart & Connection, discusses and demonstrates her program using horses for helping human therapy issues.

Season 5, Episode 2

Das Horse Professor, Andrea Kutsch, explains the method of communicating with equines through body language. She explains the differences between scientific horse trainers and horse whispers.

The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, talks with a dog trainer, Anthony Sorosky of The Montecito Dog Trainer and his dog Cooper who has had challenges with aggressive behavior.

The Pet Rescue Expert, Larissa Wohl, visit’s the cattery with Samantha Bell and a playful cat named Shelia at Best Friends in Mission Hills. Samantha explains how to bond with a cat.

Season 5, Episode 3

One of the worse things that can happen to a family is their pet gets lost. In this episode, Dog Days Search and Rescue reveals how they have helped families find their beloved pets. We follow the story of a pet pooch that got lost in Malibu and how he managed to avoid threats like bobcats, traffic, and surviving in the wild for three days. Laura Stinchfield, “The Pet Psychic,” talks with the dog to determine what happened during those days.

The founders of Operation Blankets of Love, Eileen and Brad Smulson, explain how the simple idea of providing the comfort of a clean blanket to animals in shelters has expanded across the nation and internationally into a kind of Red Cross for animals.

“Das Horse Professor,” Andrea Kutsch, demonstrates how a horse can accept something that it doesn’t initially want by using a mindful approach.

Season 5, Episode 4

Farrier Robert Burns explains why mules are better in the mountains than horses because of their smaller hoofs and mules are more surefooted. Robert demonstrates how to work on Jenny's hooves.

Anne and Dudley's rescue dogs talk with Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, She uncovers some physical issues that Archie, the Cocker - Shih Tzu mix, has. Then Lady, a Cocker Spaniel, talks about how she feels about her home and her wishes for all animals.

Andrea Kutsch, "Das Horse Professor", explains that horses learn from how we respond to them. She demonstrates how, If a horse is doing something negative, ignoring that behavior is the best way to get the horse to change it.

Season 5, Episode 5

The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, speaks with two therapy horses belonging to Andrea Gaines of Horse, Heart and Connection. Flash, the horse,  tells Laura that “horses spark a new self within people”.

Andrea Kutsch, Das Horse Professor, works with Jenny the mule who she wants to open up to her. A dance ensues between Andrea and Jenny that would rival Fred and Ginger!

Jes MaHarry adopts many different animals. They find her she explains. One such creature was a large sheep with an even bigger story.

Season 5, Episode 6

Rescue dogs become highly valued truffle dogs in AnimalZone’s Truffle Dog Special, featuring Deb and Bob Walker of in Roseburg, Oregon. Dotty, an abandoned puppy in the desert, was ultimately rescued and trained by the Walkers to hunt truffles and has become the “Truffle Queen”.  From poodles and hounds to chihuahuas, dogs of all kinds have participated in the Oregon Truffle Festival and shown that almost any dog can become a truffle hunter. This episode also explores the truffle dog hunters of Italy including the legendary white truffle capital of Alba, the truffle-rich hills of Tuscany and the truffle mecca, the Acqualagna Truffle Fair.

Season 5, Episode 7

Das Horse Professor, Andrea Kutsch, explains body language with horses and demonstrates how to read a horse’s reaction with Coco.

Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, talks with Michelle Sathe of Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles and their campaign to make America a no-kill animal shelter nation. 

At the Santa Barbara Humane Society’s Santa Maria campus, Kerri Burns discusses dental health for animals and how to care for a pet’s teeth properly.

Genéte Bowen of DogE911 All Pet Emergency Training talks about animal injury issues and how to help them.

Season 5, Episode 8

Robert Barnes, the farrier, works on Eli, the donkey, and explains some of the diseases in the equine world and how to avoid them. He shows how to trim and shape Eli's hoofs. 


At the Santa Barbara Humane Society, CEO Kerri Burns explains the wonderful world of animal fostering. She explains the types of environments that make a successful fostering. Carrie also talks about how fostering can lead to successful adoptions. We learn about how understanding lifestyles can help to discover the right kind of animal for one’s family.


Genéte M. Bowen of DogE911 introduces Greta, the singing dachshund. The emergency pet training organization helps to deal with animal health issues from upset stomachs to snake bites. Genéte shows how to take a pulse rate on an animal and what pulse rate is normal. Genéte also demonstrates how a specially created oxygen mask is used to provide oxygen to an animal in an emergency. 

Season 5, Episode 9

Robert Barnes, the farrier, talks about hoofs, how they work like shock absorbers and how they can get an abscess. He demonstrates on Watson, the donkey, how to clean and trim the hoof. Robert also shows some of his sculptures created from horseshoes.


At the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society, Darwin, a five-year-old cat demonstrates how litter boxes should be used and the variety of options. Kerri Burns, the CEO, explains the best way to evaluate the options and the correct number of litter boxes depending on the number of cats in the home.


Kevin, an 8-year old blind dog is the focus for pets with special needs and how the Santa Barbara Humane Society does medical care for animals. Recently their veterinarian was treating a young cat that had been born without eyelids. By creating eyelids for the cat in a groundbreaking procedure, the cat now has working eyelids and will not go blind from scratching its eyes.


Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, talks with Sports Commentator and author, Roy Firestone who adopted a black Labrador retriever named Kobe, after his friend Kobe Bryant. He rescued the dog from West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue in Simi Valley. His relationship with his dog inspired Roy to write a children’s book, Kobe and a Boy Named Roy.

Season 5, Episode 10

At the Santa Barbara Humane Society’s Santa Maria campus we learn from Kerri Burns, CEO, all about animal chipping and vaccinations. Identity chipping isn’t only for dogs. Cats, horses, and even birds have been chipped!


Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with Maripat Davis, founder of AFLAR (All For Love Animal Rescue), and two rescue pit bulls looking for their forever homes.


At ResQcats, founder Jeffyne Telson brings out a bushel of newborn kittens and explains the challenges and joys of rescuing kittens and cats.

Season 5, Episode 11

Have you ever had a dog that digs? Sometimes that’s a good thing, but other times it isn’t. At the Santa Barbara Humane Society, we learn from CEO Kerri Burns and Animal Behaviorist and Training Manager Christine how to help a dog deal with digging and protect the dog from digging where it should not.


Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with Smidge, a rescued Maltese-poodle mix who has aggression issues with other dogs. With some probing conversation, Smidge reveals where this behavior came from, and Laura helps Smidge find a way to resolve it peacefully.


Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, visits Mel, a foster animal and adoption hero who lives in Studio City in Los Angeles and rescues special needs animals. Mel explains what happens during kitten season and how she has fostered over a hundred kittens and cats, thereby providing a happy future for them.

Season 5, Episode 12

Did you love Lassie growing up? If you did, you’ll really love AnimalZone this week because there are lots of Lassies, at least of the Collie variety. Mitch Telson of Southland Collie Rescue explains all the great attributes of Collies. From being one of the smartest dogs, they are also a great family companion. Collies are excellent herding dogs, sensitive and extremely loyal. 


Then we meet Al Vuocolo, a Vietnam veteran, who reveals how horses have helped him heal from the war. At his beautiful ranch in the Ojai Valley, we meet one of his therapy horses and Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, discovers what the horse feels. 


At the Santa Barbara Humane Society, a young girl learns how to approach a dog properly and demonstrates the right way to handle a new best friend.

Season 5, Episode 13

Mayor Max II of Idyllwild, California, is featured this week. He has a real tail to share because he is a golden retriever! He was elected, we learn from his Chief of Staff Phyllis Mueller, on a platform of love and peace. His political rivals may have only promised a bone in every dish, a cat in every tree, and a hydrant on every corner!

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, speaks with Hank, a rescued Catahoula Leopard Dog and the state dog of Louisiana. Hank and his pawrent, Peter Stuart, are avid fans of AnimalZone and watch it regularly. Hank shares some "woofs of wisdom."

At the Santa Barbara Humane Society, CEO Kerri Burns discusses important insights about animals and the holidays from the 4th of July to Christmas and certain steps to avoid the need for a vet visit. 

Mitch Telson, former President of Petco, shares the story of how a small chain of pet stores in San Diego expanded to the national brand of pet store emporiums under his leadership in the 1980s. 

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