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Season 5

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Season 5

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Season 6

New episodes will premiere on this page every Saturday morning!

Season 6 of AnimalZone explores in depth the relationship between humans and our four-footed friends. Each episode’s goal of this season is to educate, entertain and inspire viewers about rescue animals and the wildlife we share the planet with. 

Season 6, Episode 1

This first episode of Season 6 features Dr. Paul Koudounaris’s new book about cats entitled A Cat’s Tale, A Journey Through Feline History. With the help of his rescue cat Baba the Cat, his book is a fascinating odyssey through the highs and lows that cats have experienced since the days of ancient Egypt. 3,000 years ago, mistreating or even making fun of cats in Egypt carried the penalty of death! We also hear some wonderful stories about cats that show they can be as loyal and faithful to humans as dogs but rarely get the credit. There are true stories, such as when a cat had been on a ship with its crew to control the rodents. At the port, the cat went ashore but then missed the boat when it departed. The cat somehow caught up with the crew and the boat in another port in a different country! We also learn about a feral cat called Room 8 who walked into an elementary school in Echo Park one day and captured the hearts of the students. Room 8 stayed with the students for 15 years each year, finding new students to bond with. When he passed, students and alumni raised enough funds to buy a large memorial headstone for Room 8 who now rests at the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in Calabasas.

Season 6, Episode 2

At Santa Barbara Humane, Kerri Burns, CEO, and Sam Blankenship, Shelter Manager, share water safety tips for dogs, including properly introducing your dog to pools, lakes and oceans. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, tunes in to Sunshine, a beautiful Belgian Malinois mix and talks with her caretaker, Chelsea. Sunshine has a high prey drive and teeth so massive that they call them “Maligators.” At the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network Center, Ariana Katovich, CEO, and Julia Parker, Director of Operations, gives us a tour of their new facility under construction plus we meet a snowy egret, pelicans, ducklings, goslings, an opossum, raccoon, and even witness an odor-free skunk release.

Season 6, Episode 3

AnimalZone heads for the hills this week as we explore Living Free Animal Sanctuary near Idyllwild, California, located on 155 acres in the San Jacinto Mountains. Ray Barmore, Executive Director, takes us on a sanctuary tour, starting with War Horse Creek, where rescued wild mustangs assist veterans as they adjust to civilian life. At the Sanctuary's dog shelter, we learn how dogs are socialized and prepared for adoption from the knowledgable animal caregiver. At the Cattery, dozens of young and senior cats prance around, ready for their forever family. And they could make a purr-fect addition. Then we join farrier Robert Barnes at the Bella Cavalli Farms & Vineyards in Solvang, California, to discuss horse breeding.

Season 6, Episode 4

The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park is a fascinating and beautiful pet cemetery located in the middle of Calabasas. It is the final resting place for many famous animals or the pets of famous Hollywood legends. Rudolph Valentino’s Doberman is there, as are the terriers belonging to Alfred Hitchcock, who appeared in a cameo in his film, The Birds. There is also Tawny, the MGM lion, and many fascinating stories about him. Speaking of Hollywood, Laura Stinchfield, the Pet Psychic, talks with actress Tiffany Lonsdale and her rescue dog Hugo. We learn that Hugo has his sights on being in show biz. At Santa Barbara Humane, Kerri Burns, CEO, and Sam Blankenship, Shelter Manager, share tips about hiking with your dog.

Season 6, Episode 5

The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, demonstrates her gift while talking with an old mare named Butterscotch. When Laura asks how Butterscotch is feeling, she tells Laura that things are ok except for a loose tooth in her mouth. Later, when Dr. Charlie Liskey, the veterinarian, examines Butterscotch’s mouth, he finds and removes a loose tooth! At Santa Barbara Humane, CEO Kerri Burns talks with Julie, who adopted Justin, a blind dog. Justin has turned out to be a great special needs pet. In Alta Loma, we visit Mikey Carrillo and his rescue menagerie, where there are parrots, tortoises, koi fish, turtles, pigs, dogs, and a lot of love.

Season 6, Episode 6

Tonya Littlewolf of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley shares her knowledge of wolves and wolf-dogs. Featured is a part wolf, part Alaskan Malamute who helps with PTSD people. Tonya rescues these amazing animals and says it was part of her destiny as told to her by her Cherokee Indian father. Cristal Clark, a prominent realtor in Santa Barbara, brings on her newly rescued German Shepherd, Stella, from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles. Cristal shares tips about moving houses with pets and how to reduce stress for the pet during and after a move. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with Jenny the Mule about her time working with Andrea Kutsch, Das Horse Professor. Jenny also gives an honest review of what she likes and doesn’t like about her equine companion Watson, the donkey.

Season 6, Episode 7

What’s the difference between a stray cat, a feral cat, and a socialized cat? Santa Barbara Humane answers that question as the Santa Maria campus team traps some feral cats as part of their TNR (trap, neuter, and release) program. Larissa Wohl, the Pet Rescue Expert, talks with a girl’s animal rescue club called The Pet Club and how they have raised funds and donations to help animals in shelters. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with Cash, a 4th grader, who looks after his pet pigs and learns some tips from Laura about communicating with them.

Season 6, Episode 8

It is a family affair as host Arthur von Wiesenberger talks with Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, and Monty, a French Bulldog who belongs to Arthur’s son, Chris. Laura taps into Monty’s thoughts about kittens in the house and carrots in his bowl. Then we head for the hills, the Sequoias specifically, to talk about search and rescue dogs with Deb and Bob Walker of the K-9 Behavior Company in Oregon. At the Golden Heart Ranch in Ojai, Dr. Charlie Liskey, DVM, explains the veterinarian procedures in examining a horse, a senior mare named Butterscotch.

Season 6, Episode 9

At Santa Barbara Humane, Santa Maria Campus, Kerri Burns, CEO, and Vanessa discuss the various medical procedures performed at the veterinarian center and the most common illnesses of dogs and cats. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with Lucy, a Frenchie, and her family, Natalie and Mireille Noone. Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, meets with Christine Hilberg, a special needs adoption hero, and her two rescue dogs.

Season 6, Episode 10

Scott M. Haskins, internationally recognized professional art conservator, talks about his book, How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster. He has had many artworks damaged by pets brought to him for repairs. From cat scratches on canvases and broken ceramics from a "bull in a china shop" to stains on antique oriental carpets, his 45 years of experience gives us many tips on how to manage pets and collectibles. When a disaster hits, such as a flood, mudslide, fire, or earthquake, there are numerous ways to make sure that your pet will be safe and prepared for evacuation. Mr. Haskin's book explores the steps you can take to prepare for the worse easily. He also has tips to give your pet the best chance of survival, even in a car accident.

Season 6, Episode 11

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks with a high-energy Springer Spaniel named Sofie. Laura explains the best way to let a dog know what you want it to do. Laura shows how the power of visualization helps achieve the right kind of behavior. The author of the book, I’m Not Single I Have A Dog - Dating Tales from the Bark Side, Susan Hartzler, shares insightful life experiences. Her two dogs, Seven and Paige Turner share some delightful licks. At The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park, Stacy Tanner, manager, discusses things you can do to help deal with the grief of losing a pet.

Season 6, Episode 12

The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, talks with a handsome stallion named Sunny and his owner Chris. Then Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, visits Crossroads Pets, a campus in Nashville that helps young adults who have been subjected to trauma hone coping skills and learn to be productive and care for shelter dogs. Scott M. Haskins, the world-renowned art conservator, talks about his book, How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster, written following the Northridge earthquake in 1994. He addresses issues that can occur because of pets and steps you can take to avoid losses.

Season 6, Episode 13

In fabulous Las Vegas, we meet the creator of Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, Gregory Popovich, and his spectacular rescue animals, who are also the stars. Gregory’s family-friendly show at the V Theater in Planet Hollywood includes rescued cats, dogs, a pony, a pig, a parrot, and many more domestic pets that have been saved from area shelters. He is also the author of two books about training cats and dogs and the star of two films, the most recent. Popovich Road To Hollywood.


Sheryl Green, Director of Communications at Hearts Alive Village, explains the importance of fostering and introduces us to her foster “failure,” which has really been a huge success bringing joy into both of their lives.


At Dog Junkies, a non-profit thrift store, donated items are sold to help animals in need of medical attention. We meet the YouTube sensation, “The Niche Lady,” who buys items that she then resells online and a portion of those proceeds also goes to her non-profit. It is the perfect win-win situation, and what better place to be a winner than in Las Vegas!

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