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Season 5

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Season 5

Watch AnimalZone!

Watch AnimalZone!

Season 9 premiered Saturday, February 4. The first episode is AnimalZone Across America, where we feature segments at various locations across the US, including Florida, Texas, New Orleans and California. This season continues our goal to explore great animal rescue stories, profile animal shelters and sanctuaries, learn from animal experts and expand into farm animal welfare and wildlife rescue. We visit parrots, raccoons and alligators in Louisiana, explore mindfulness training with horses in California, and the pet psychic visits Texas.

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Season 9

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Seasons 6 & 7 are now on Tubi

Season 9, Episode 1

The premier episode of AnimalZone, Season 9 features AnimalZone across America. The first stop is Dallas Texas where we meet Kenny Goss and his dog. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, explores what his dog thinks about Kenny's amazing art collection. We learn from Cindy Glasheen all about Witts End Farm Equine Rescue in Kissimmee, Florida. At Santa Barbara Humane, Kerri Burns, CEO, explains how dogs are socialized before they are ready for adoption and we meet an adorable, adoptable four-legged grad from the socialization program. Then it is off to New Orleans where we get a little of the flavor of the Big Easy which will be featured in this season.

Season 9, Episode 2

Monty Roberts, the man who listens to horses, welcomes AnimalZone into his home where he shares amazing stories about his life with horses. From an early age, he began to understand how horses silently communicate through body language. He is known for his relationship with Queen Elizabeth II. He was the Queen‘s personal horse trainer and forged a strong friendship with the monarch. He would get calls in the middle of the night from the Queen to discuss horse issues. The relationship became known as “The Cowboy and The Queen”. The passing of the Queen had a powerful emotional effect on Monty. He and his wife Pat were honored to be the only Americans invited to the Queen’s intimate committal service at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. It is a fascinating and heart warming episode with a legend and animal hero.

Season 9, Episode 3

Robin Hutton, the author of Sargent Reckless and War Animals, explains the remarkable stories of animals that have helped us during conflicts. From the famed pigeon named G.I. Joe flying over enemy lines to collect intelligence to horses and mules running across front lines with artillery for soldiers, these are some amazing feats of bravery from remarkable four-footed and two-winged friends. Robin’s book about Sargent Reckless dives deep into the story of how this horse became a beloved member of the U.S. Marine Corps in the Korean conflict and how her heroics earned her respect and Military Decorations, including two Purple Hearts.

Season 9, Episode 4

AnimalZone takes a walk on the wild side while exploring the mysterious side of New Orleans. Cari Roy, The New Orleans Psychic, explains some of the paranormal aspects of The Big Easy, its ancient cemeteries and spirited houses. At St. Francis of Assisi church in New Orleans, Reverend Micheal J. Schneller explains Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of animals. He also performs a blessing on a dog suffering from tumors.

Season 9, Episode 5

Working in Hollywood as a stunt child, Monty Roberts shares some fascinating stories about when he was eight years old and played Elizabeth Taylor in the film National Velvet. He also discusses how he helped South American polo ponies get trained using a non-violent approach. Wade Walker, DVM at the Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, explains some new technology to help analyze a horse’s asymmetry. At Happy Endings Horse Sanctuary, C.C. Beaudette-Wellman discusses the unconditional love that we share with our animals.

Season 9, Episode 6

Denise Sanders explains how dogs are trained to help locate disaster victims at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The recruited dogs are very active and energetic, ideal for disaster work.

At Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, Mark Herthel explains the emerging science of stem cell therapy for equines. The exciting growth in regenerative science using stem cells plays to a very personal experience of Arthur von Wiesenberger with Ely, the donkey, a frequent star of AnimalZone.

Season 9, Episode 7

In Dallas, Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, talks about reincarnation with Kelly and her Pomeranians. After Kelly rescues Elvis, he passes. She began looking for signs that he might return. Laura explores and explains synchronicity. 

In Orlando, Robyn and Robert of CH Lives Matter Rescue explain the challenges of CH ( Cerebellar Hypoplasia), a neurological affliction that can affect dogs and cats. Depending upon the severity, it can range from jerky movements and difficulties in walking to the inability to walk at all.

Season 9, Episode 8

At Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in the Santa Ynez Valley, Bruno, a handsome horse, goes into a hyperbolic chamber. Troy Herthel, DVM, explains how it works.

Michele Grace Morrow, the Animal Communicator, explains how she developed her ability to communicate with horses, dogs and even alligators. 

At Happy Endings Horse Sanctuary, C.C. Beaudette-Wellman explains what starting a non-profit horse sanctuary entails.

Season 9, Episode 9

Michele Grace Morrow, the Animal Communicator, talks with Mira Shiga, who fostered hard to adopt rescue dogs in New York City. She recently adopted Sunny, a senior dog, and Michele taps into his health issues which center around his kidneys.

At Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, Troy Herthel, DVM, explains how his father, Doug started the center in 1972. Being around his Dad ignited his passion for helping equines as it filtered down through the generations. He demonstrates the Samsung CT diagnostic equipment.

At Santa Barbara Humane, CEO Kerri Burns and Dori, the COO, introduce us to a kitten named Stevie, a new arrival and one of several dozen that arrived from Los Angeles. The ASPCA transfers animals to Santa Barbara Humane from overcrowded shelters in California and other areas.

Season 9, Episode 10

See you later alligator! AnimalZone takes a walk on the wild side of Louisiana on a bayou tour with Cajun Encounters. Captain Gary, who grew up on the bayou, explains the wildlife, from birds and snakes to raccoons and alligators. A rich history was revealed, including how Henry Ford found natural products in the bayou to use in his early vehicles.

Season 9, Episode 11

San Diego is known as the "finest city," which could certainly be true for animals thanks to San Diego Humane. The oldest non-profit in the area, San Diego Humane, helps rescue and care for pets while educating the community about pets and San Diego's natural wildlife. Dr. Gary Weitzman, CEO of San Diego Humane and author of numerous books about animals, discusses animals' myriad sides, from nutrition and health to communication and love.

Season 9, Episode 12

At the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, Julia Parker, Director of Operations, shows the newly opened hospital and gives a tour of the facilities. She explains how, just as it opened in May 2022, there was a pelican problem in the area where hundreds of pelicans suddenly became ill. She explains the unique qualities of pelicans, including how this group recovered and was released back to nature. 

Michele Grace Morrow, the Animal Communicator, talks with Watson, the donkey. She tunes into his health issues and his feelings about his stable mate Ely who passed recently.

Season 9, Episode 13

Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My! At Lions, Tigers & Bears, an exotic animal sanctuary and educational facility in Alpine, California, Founder Bobbi Brink introduces us to Louie the lion, Liberty the bear and Nola the tiger. It is an accredited model sanctuary, offering the highest standards of care for rescued exotic animals, and is home to more than 60 rescued animals and 19 species.

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