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A Tortoise, a Kitten and a Pit Bull walk into AnimalZone

In this episode of AnimalZone, viewers are treated to a diverse range of segments, each highlighting the unique care and stories behind different animals. Mitch Telson, former president of Petco, opens the episode by introducing his adopted tortoises. He provides valuable insights into the specific needs of these fascinating creatures, discussing the required living space, dietary considerations, and their remarkable longevity. Telson's expertise offers viewers a comprehensive understanding of responsible tortoise ownership.

Kerri Burns, the Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Humane, takes center stage to showcase a selection of adorable kittens and cats available for adoption. Her segment not only promotes the adoption of these lovable felines but also sheds light on the importance of humane societies in finding forever homes for animals in need.

Karen Atlas of Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines contributes an informative segment, explaining various modalities that have proven effective in rehabilitating injured animals, with a focus on the inspiring story of Mikey. Viewers gain valuable insights into innovative approaches to animal rehabilitation, highlighting the dedication of professionals like Atlas in improving the lives of our furry friends.

The episode concludes with a fascinating exploration into the past of Eli, the donkey, led by the Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield. Stinchfield uncovers insights into Eli's earlier life, providing a captivating and mysterious dimension to the episode. This unique segment adds an element of intrigue and connection, showcasing the bond between animals and those who seek to understand them on a deeper level.

AnimalZone continues to deliver a well-rounded and engaging mix of educational content, heartwarming adoption stories, and the exploration of the unique relationships between humans and animals. This episode promises to leave viewers with a greater appreciation for the diverse world of animal care and the incredible individuals dedicated to making a difference in their lives.

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