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Wags, Whiskers and Jimmy Connors

In this episode of AnimalZone, Dr. Annie O'Donnell from the La Cumbre Animal Hospital delves into feline health, discussing the optimal treatments for your beloved kitty. Renowned celebrity dog coach and New York Times bestselling author, Tamar Geller, joins the show to share insights on dog nutrition, treats, and provides valuable training techniques. Viewers get an up-close look at Mikey, the pit bull, as Tamar demonstrates effective coaching methods.

The episode takes a lively turn as the AnimalZone team attends the Wags n Whiskers Festival. Tennis legend Jimmy Connors makes a special appearance, shedding light on his experiences with adopted pets and the joy they bring to his life. The episode captures heartwarming moments and explores the importance of pet adoption.

Adding a touch of the extraordinary, the Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, engages in conversations with a dog, bird, and bunny. The animals share their unique perspectives on the Montecito Mudslides, providing a fascinating glimpse into the minds of our furry and feathered friends. Laura's ability to connect with animals adds a captivating dimension to the episode, leaving viewers with a deeper appreciation for the bond between humans and their animal companions.

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