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Pet’s skin, it’s all Greek to us!

In this informative episode of AnimalZone, viewers are in for a treat as Dr. Jean Greek, one of America's leading animal dermatologists, shares valuable insights on curing skin irritations for pets. Dr. Greek provides expert advice on how pet owners can address common skin issues, offering practical tips to enhance the well-being of their furry companions.

The episode takes a heartwarming turn as Maranee Landau introduces two of her rescued pets, Bridget and Penny. Maranee shares touching stories about her rescued animals, emphasizing the importance of adoption and providing loving homes to animals in need. The connection to Maranee's father, Kenneth Landau, adds a fascinating layer to the episode, as viewers learn about his legacy as a top animation artist responsible for creating art for beloved animal-related cartoons like Scooby-Doo, Paws Paws, The Oddball Couple, and more.

The AnimalZone team then takes viewers to the vibrant Wags n' Whiskers Festival, where they encounter some amazing birds from the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary. The episode explores the unique challenges and rewards of adopting and caring for these beautiful feathered creatures, shedding light on the responsibilities and joys of avian companionship.

Overall, this episode offers a diverse range of insights, from expert advice on pet dermatology to heartwarming rescue stories and a glimpse into the world of avian care. Viewers are treated to a well-rounded exploration of the bond between humans and animals, celebrating the dedication of individuals like Dr. Jean Greek, Maranee Landau, and the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary in enhancing the lives of our beloved pets.

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