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Going To The Birds

In this week's episode of AnimalZone, viewers are treated to an insightful journey into the fascinating world of avian companions at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary with Jamie McLeod. The focus is on cockatoos and macaws, and the segment explores the unique qualities and characteristics that make these birds extraordinary companions. The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary serves as a haven for these birds, showcasing the importance of understanding and appreciating the diverse needs of avian species.

The episode then shifts to the Santa Barbara Humane's Educational Center, where Dr. Whitney O’Malley engages with a class of preschoolers. Dr. O’Malley teaches the youngsters essential ways to interact with and pet a dog, emphasizing the importance of early education in fostering positive relationships between children and animals. Kerri Burns, the Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Humane, takes the class on an enlightening tour of the shelter, providing valuable insights into the care and well-being of the resident cats and dogs.

The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, adds a touch of magic to the episode as she engages in a conversation with Mikey, the Pit Bull. Laura shares Mikey's hopes and wishes, offering viewers a unique and intimate perspective into the inner world of this beloved canine companion.

Overall, this episode of AnimalZone provides a diverse and engaging mix of stories. From the captivating world of cockatoos and macaws at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary to the educational initiatives at the Santa Barbara Humane Society's Educational Center and the enchanting insights from the Pet Psychic, the episode underscores the importance of understanding, compassion, and positive interactions in the relationships between humans and animals.

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