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Rescued in Beverly Hills

In this exciting episode of AnimalZone, the journey begins in glamorous Beverly Hills, where viewers are introduced to the unique and special adoption center, Deity Animal Rescue. The spotlight is on the heartwarming stories of rescue and adoption, showcasing the efforts of this center in providing forever homes for animals in need.

The adventure continues as K-Nine Solutions takes AnimalZone on a pack walk around the picturesque Montecito area, featuring 25 dogs and their devoted "pawrents." This segment captures the camaraderie and joy that come with group walks, emphasizing the positive impact of such activities on the well-being of both dogs and their human companions.

The enchanting abilities of The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, are highlighted as she engages in a conversation with an alpaca at AB Ranch in Santa Paula. Laura's unique insights add a magical touch to the episode, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of these intriguing farm animals.

The episode concludes on an inspirational note as AnimalZone sits down with adoption hero Harry Reinhardt to hear the heartwarming story of his dog, Ragnar. This segment underscores the transformative power of adoption, celebrating the unbreakable bonds formed between humans and their adopted animal companions.

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