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In this delightful episode of AnimalZone, the show explores the picturesque coastal regions, meeting with individuals and places that have made a significant impact on the world of pets and animal companionship.

The episode begins with a visit to the publisher of Coastal Canine magazine in Pacific Grove. Viewers are treated to insights into the coastal lifestyle that celebrates the bond between humans and their furry companions, emphasizing the unique and enriching experiences that coastal living can offer to pets and their owners.

AnimalZone then takes a journey to the iconic Cypress Inn in Carmel By The Sea, a legendary hotel that Doris Day transformed into the world’s most pet-friendly place. The segment captures the essence of this renowned establishment, highlighting its commitment to creating a welcoming and enjoyable experience for pets and their human guests.

Continuing the coastal exploration, the show ventures to Pebble Beach, where viewers meet some charming pugs with great personalities that were adopted by Dina Eastwood. The segment celebrates the joy of pet adoption and the wonderful connections that form between animals and their adoptive families.

Overall, this episode of AnimalZone is a celebration of the coastal lifestyle and the pet-friendly havens that make these regions special. From the pages of Coastal Canine magazine to the pet-friendly ambiance of the Cypress Inn and the heartwarming stories of adopted pugs, the episode captures the unique charm and love that coastal communities bring to the world of animal companionship.

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