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A Thriving Rescue

In this week's episode of AnimalZone, join host Arthur von Wiesenberger as we embark on a heartwarming journey through the world of animal rescue and care. Our first stop is at Thrive Animal Rescue in Del Mar, where we sit down with Cece Durante Bloom. Thrive Animal Rescue stands out for its dedication to helping people find their perfect companion among rescue dogs sourced from various shelters. Learn about their compassionate approach and the incredible stories of the dogs they've rescued.

Next, we travel north to Pacific Grove to shine a spotlight on Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, a remarkable non-profit organization. This group focuses on the often-overlooked dogs left behind when owners face challenges in providing care. Discover the heartwarming efforts of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue as they work tirelessly to ensure a second chance for these loyal and loving animals.

As our journey unfolds, we take a detour into the world of veterinary care with Dr. Michael Lesser, an animal cardiologist. Delve into the fascinating realm of equine health as we meet some of Dr. Lesser's impressive patients, including Jack Anderson, a mammoth donkey. Explore the specialized care provided to these magnificent creatures and gain insights into the unique challenges faced by an animal cardiologist.

Join us for an episode filled with compassion, dedication, and the incredible stories that make the animal kingdom a place of both resilience and hope.

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