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Tiny Lions

In this week's captivating episode of AnimalZone, our host Arthur von Wiesenberger invites you to join the enchanting world of animals, focusing on fabulous equines and remarkable felines. Laura Stinchfield, the renowned Pet Psychic, takes center stage as she engages with the magnificent equines at the Gabler Family Farm in Hope Ranch. Experience the insightful conversations as Stinchfield taps into the thoughts and feelings of these incredible animals. Joining the equine adventure, we meet horse trainer Erin and equine bodywork specialist Alexandria, gaining valuable perspectives on the well-being and training of these majestic creatures.

Shifting our attention to the feline realm, Jeffyne Telson of ResQCats introduces us to Yoda, a special needs kitty with a heartwarming story. Gain a deeper understanding of the unique senses of cats as Telson shares her expertise in feline care and advocacy. Learn how these incredible animals navigate the world around them and the special considerations that come with caring for a cat with unique needs.

At ASAP, we explore their Tiny Lions program, a heart-touching initiative aimed at socializing feral kittens to increase their chances of finding forever homes. Dive into the world of feline socialization and witness the transformative impact of programs like Tiny Lions on the lives of these kittens.

Join us for an episode filled with animal communication, equine insights, and heartwarming stories of feline resilience. From the picturesque Gabler Family Farm to the unique tales of Yoda and the Tiny Lions program, this episode is a celebration of the incredible connections we share with animals of all shapes and sizes.

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