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The Pet Psychic Books

In this episode of AnimalZone, our host Arthur von Wiesenberger delves into the intriguing world of animal communication with the renowned Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield. Discover the wisdom and insights contained in Stinchfield's two new books, "The Voices Of The Animals" and "Stormy's Words Of Wisdom." Gain a deeper understanding of the profound connections between humans and animals as Stinchfield shares her experiences and the lessons learned from the voices of our beloved animal companions.

The episode takes an enchanting turn as Stinchfield engages with some rescued baby raccoons under the care of the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network. Experience the heartwarming conversations as Stinchfield communicates with these young creatures, offering a glimpse into their personalities and the challenges they've overcome.

The Community Cat Coalition of Ventura brings a special guest to the show—an abandoned cat with a few things to say. Join Stinchfield in deciphering the messages and emotions of this feline friend, highlighting the importance of understanding and addressing the needs of abandoned animals in our communities.

To round out the episode, we visit the home of two cats—one adopted—and a beautiful puppy named Princess Lilly. Explore the unique stories and dynamics of these furry companions as Stinchfield engages with them, providing a window into the thoughts and feelings of our cherished pets.

Join us for an episode filled with heartwarming stories, insightful conversations, and a celebration of the deep connections we share with the animals that brighten our lives.

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