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Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic talks to Mikey from the other side

In this touching episode of AnimalZone, join Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, as she engages in heartfelt conversations with Princess Lilly, a golden retriever, and her pawrent Marilyn, along with two new kitties. Explore the unique perspectives and connections between humans and their beloved animal companions, unraveling the stories and emotions that make each bond special.

In a poignant moment, Laura channels Mikey, AnimalZone's beloved pit bull who recently crossed over the rainbow bridge. Witness the profound communication as Stinchfield taps into Mikey's spirit, offering solace and understanding to those who loved him.

The episode then takes us to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation in Santa Paula, where intense rescue dog training is demonstrated. Experience the dedication and skills of these incredible search and rescue dogs as they showcase their abilities in preparation for critical missions.

Shifting gears, K-9 Solutions takes center stage as they guide a neighborhood walk with a bevy of bow-wows. Gain insights into effective dog-walking strategies and witness the joy and camaraderie that come with a group of well-behaved dogs and their attentive human companions.

Join us for an episode filled with emotion, inspiration, and the incredible connections between animals and humans. From golden retrievers and new kitties to the memory of a beloved pit bull and the intense training of rescue dogs, this episode celebrates the diverse and meaningful relationships that enrich our lives.

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