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Zany Zonkeys, Star-Studded Therapy Horses, and Legal Loops Unleashed!

Get ready for a wild ride in the latest episode of AnimalZone, where we encounter the extraordinary, witness stellar performances, and navigate the legal jungle of animal ownership!

First on the agenda is a trip to Seein' Spots Farm in Ballard, where the spotlight shines on a peculiar and delightful creature—the Zonkey! Half donkey, half zebra, and 100% amazing, this zany hybrid steals the show, accompanied by an ark full of other terrific creatures. Join us as we explore the quirky world of Seein' Spots Farm.

Next, prepare to be enchanted by Little Star, a miniature therapy horse with a heart as big as his star-studded talents. Diane Hall, his devoted pawrent, showcases the incredible skills and heartwarming interactions that make Little Star a true four-legged star.

But that's not all—Annie Hayes, an animal lawyer and advocate, steps into the spotlight to shed light on the legal side of animal ownership. Unravel the legal loops and challenges that arise in the world of caring for our beloved pets.

"Zany Zonkeys, Star-Studded Therapy Horses, and Legal Loops Unleashed!" is an episode packed with laughter, heart, and a touch of legal intrigue. Tune in for a wild journey that explores the diversity of the animal kingdom, the magic of therapy animals, and the legal landscape surrounding our furry friends!

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