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Love on the Farm, International Rescues, and a Hallmark Channel Adventure!

Hold on to your hearts, animal lovers! In this episode of AnimalZone, get ready for a triple treat of love, laughter, and heartwarming stories.

First, join us as we take a delightful trip to Seein Spots Farm in Ballard. The farm is home to a cast of rescued characters, and we'll introduce you to the real VIP – Mr. Bill, the affectionate goose stealing hearts with his charm. Discover the tales of resilience and joy as these animals find a haven at Seein Spots Farm.

Next, Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, dives into the world of international rescues with a conversation with Michelle Silva and her lovable dog, a rescue from China. Uncover the secrets of their incredible journey, highlighting the universal language of love that binds animals and their human companions.

But wait, there's more! Larissa Wohl, Hallmark Channel's Pet Rescue Expert, takes us on an adventure to Paw Works in Camarillo. Explore the heartwarming tales of pets finding their forever homes and witness the transformative power of adoption.

"Love on the Farm, International Rescues, and a Hallmark Channel Adventure!" is an episode brimming with compassion, showcasing the extraordinary connections between humans and animals. Tune in for a joyful celebration of love, rescue, and the incredible impact of giving animals a second chance!

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