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AnimalZone Season 5 Premiere: Horses, Bunnies, and the Sparkle of Jes MaHarry

Get ready for an exhilarating ride as AnimalZone kicks off Season 5 with a star-studded premiere featuring renowned jeweler and passionate animal rescuer, Jes MaHarry, from the scenic town of Ojai. Joining forces with Laura Stinchfield, "The Pet Psychic," Jes's horses take center stage, revealing their innermost thoughts and captivating secrets. Brace yourself for an enchanting conversation that transcends the ordinary human-animal connection.

Hold onto your saddles as we dive into the equine brain with "Das Horse Professor," Andrea Kutsch. Through a scientific lens, Andrea unravels the mysteries of the equine mind, shedding light on the intricate workings of our majestic four-legged companions. Discover the fascinating intelligence and emotional depth that horses bring to the table.

Larissa Wohl, "The Pet Rescue Expert," ventures into the world of bunnies with Vicki Anderholt from the AdoptABunnyRabbit sanctuary in Calabasas. Uncover the wild side of these adorable creatures as Vicki shares insights into their survival instincts and the unique behaviors that make them the charming characters they are.

Andrea Gaines of Horse, Heart & Connection takes us on a journey into the therapeutic realm of equine-assisted therapy. Witness the transformative power of horses in helping humans navigate and heal from various life challenges. Andrea's program showcases the profound impact these majestic animals can have on our well-being.

"AnimalZone Season 5 Premiere: Horses, Bunnies, and the Sparkle of Jes MaHarry" is a dazzling blend of animal communication, scientific exploration, and heartwarming rescue stories. Join us in this national primetime slot for an episode that sparkles with the magic of our connection with the animal kingdom!

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