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Equine Conversations, Canine Behavior Bootcamp, and Cattery Cuddles

Saddle up for an episode packed with animal insights and training tips on "Equine Conversations, Canine Behavior Bootcamp, and Cattery Cuddles"! Andrea Kutsch, aka "Das Horse Professor," takes the reins to unravel the fascinating world of communicating with equines through the language of body movements. Distinguish between scientific horse trainers and horse whisperers as Andrea unveils the secrets to building a harmonious connection with these majestic creatures.

Next on the agenda, Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, engages in a spirited conversation with Anthony Sorosky, the skilled mind behind The Montecito Dog Trainer. Join the duo as they delve into the challenges faced by Cooper, a furry friend grappling with aggressive behavior. Discover the art of canine behavior bootcamp and witness the transformative journey towards a well-behaved and contented pup.

Switching gears to the feline realm, The Pet Rescue Expert, Larissa Wohl, embarks on a visit to the cattery with Samantha Bell at Best Friends in Mission Hills. Meet the playful and endearing Shelia, a cat with a captivating personality. Samantha shares her expertise on bonding with our feline friends, providing insights into creating strong and loving connections with our whiskered companions.

"Equine Conversations, Canine Behavior Bootcamp, and Cattery Cuddles" promises a trifecta of animal wisdom, training prowess, and heartwarming interactions. Join us for an episode that celebrates the diverse world of animal communication and training, leaving you with a deeper understanding of our four-legged companions!

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