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Lost and Found Tails, Blanket Love, and Mindful Horses

Get ready for a heartwarming ride through tales of lost and found, cozy comforts for shelter animals, and the art of mindful horsemanship on this episode of AnimalZone! Dog Days Search and Rescue takes center stage as they recount a gripping story of a furry friend lost in the wilds of Malibu. Follow the suspenseful journey as the resilient pooch dodges bobcats, traffic, and the challenges of the great outdoors for three adventurous days. Laura Stinchfield, aka "The Pet Psychic," lends her telepathic talents to uncover the untold tales of the lost dog, providing a fascinating glimpse into his wilderness escapade.

Next up, meet the dynamic duo behind Operation Blankets of Love, Eileen and Brad Smulson. Discover how a simple yet heartfelt idea—providing clean blankets to animals in shelters—has evolved into a nationwide and international movement. Operation Blankets of Love emerges as the Red Cross for animals, spreading warmth, comfort, and compassion to furry friends in need.

Andrea Kutsch, renowned as "Das Horse Professor," takes the reins to showcase the power of mindfulness in horsemanship. Witness the magic unfold as Andrea demonstrates how horses can gracefully accept things they initially resist, unraveling the secrets to a harmonious and understanding relationship between humans and their equine companions.

"Lost and Found Tails, Blanket Love, and Mindful Horses" promises a rollercoaster of emotions, from heart-pounding rescues to heartwarming acts of kindness. Join us for a delightful blend of adventure, compassion, and horsemanship wisdom that celebrates the resilience of our animal friends and the humans who go the extra mile for them!

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