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Mountain Mules, Chatty Canines, and Horse Wisdom

Saddle up for a hoof-stomping, tail-wagging episode of AnimalZone that takes you on a journey through the mountains, into the hearts of rescue dogs, and deep into the wisdom of horses. Join farrier extraordinaire Robert Burns as he spills the beans on why mules reign supreme in the mountains, boasting smaller hooves and unparalleled surefootedness. Watch as Robert gives Jenny, the mountain-savvy hinny, a spa day for her hoofs, showcasing the fine art of equine pedicure.

Next on the scene are Anne and Dudley, surrounded by their chatty canine companions. Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, tunes into the doggy wavelengths to uncover the secret lives of Archie, the Cocker-Shih Tzu mix, and Lady, the elegant Cocker Spaniel. Unearth physical issues, home sentiments, and the heartfelt wishes of these four-legged friends as Laura bridges the communication gap between humans and their furry family members.

Andrea Kutsch, aka "Das Horse Professor," takes the reins to share pearls of equine wisdom. Learn the art of positive reinforcement as Andrea reveals that horses mirror our responses. Witness the transformative power of ignoring negative behavior as she demonstrates how a simple shift in attention can lead to profound changes in a horse's actions.

"Mountain Mules, Chatty Canines, and Horse Wisdom" promises a delightful blend of mountainous adventures, canine confessions, and equestrian enlightenment. Tune in for a fun-filled escapade that celebrates the unique qualities of our animal companions and the magical connections that bind us all together!

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