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Tales from the Hoof and Heart

Saddle up for an enchanting episode of AnimalZone, where the hoof meets the heart in a dance of connection, therapy, and unexpected adoptions. Join The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, as she engages in a telepathic tête-à-tête with two remarkable therapy horses under the care of Andrea Gaines from Horse, Heart, and Connection.

In a hoof-stomping revelation, Flash, the eloquent horse, shares profound insights with Laura, declaring that "horses spark a new self within people." Get ready to witness the extraordinary bond between humans and these majestic creatures as their therapeutic prowess takes center stage.

Next on the dance floor is the charismatic Das Horse Professor, Andrea Kutsch, twirling and swirling with Jenny the mule in a choreography that would make Fred and Ginger jealous. Join the rhythm of communication as Andrea works her magic to unlock the secrets of Jenny's heart, showcasing the harmonious dance between human and equine.

But that's not all – meet the one and only Jes MaHarry, an animal magnet who attracts a menagerie of diverse creatures. Get ready for tales of unexpected adoptions, as Jes recounts the heartwarming story of a large sheep with an even larger-than-life narrative. Discover the magic of animal connections that find Jes and the furry friends that become part of her extraordinary journey.

"Tales from the Hoof and Heart" promises a symphony of hoofbeats, heartbeats, and tales that will leave you tapping your toes and yearning for more. Tune in for a hoof-tastic and heartwarming adventure that celebrates the extraordinary connections between humans and the majestic animals who share our world!

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