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Hoofin' It, Fostering Fun, and a Singin' Dachshund!

Saddle up for a hoofin' good time in the latest episode of AnimalZone, where Robert Barnes, the farrier maestro, takes us on a journey through the equine world, tackling diseases and showcasing the art of hoof trimming on the charming Eli, the donkey. Learn how to avoid common equine maladies and discover the secrets to keeping hoofs in tip-top shape!

Switching gears, we dive into the heartwarming world of animal fostering with Kerri Burns, the CEO of Santa Barbara Humane. Kerri unravels the magic of fostering environments, spills the beans on successful fostering, and reveals how this special journey can pave the way for forever adoptions. Get ready for insights into understanding lifestyles to find the perfect animal companion for your family!

But that's not all – Genéte M. Bowen of DogE911 steps into the spotlight with the adorable Greta, the singing dachshund! Join the fun as Genéte shares essential emergency pet training tips, from handling upset stomachs to snake bites. Discover the secrets of taking a pet's pulse rate, and witness the lifesaving magic of specially designed oxygen masks for our furry friends.

"Hoofin' It, Fostering Fun, and a Singin' Dachshund!" is a delightful blend of education, heartwarming tales, and toe-tappin' tunes. Don't miss this episode that promises to hoof it straight into your heart with laughter, knowledge, and adorable moments!

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