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Hoof-tastic Sculptures, Litter-ary Lessons, and Pawsitively Inspiring Tails!

Get ready for a hoof-tastic adventure in the latest episode of AnimalZone, where we explore the fascinating world of hoofs, litter boxes, and heartwarming tales of pets with special needs! Robert Barnes, the farrier extraordinaire, takes center stage as he shares the secrets of hoofs – from their shock-absorbing magic to potential pitfalls like abscesses. Join the fun as Robert demonstrates the art of cleaning and trimming hoofs on the charming Watson, the donkey, and showcases some of his hoof-inspired sculptures that are truly works of art!

At the Santa Barbara Humane's Santa Maria Campus, Darwin, the five-year-old cat, steps into the spotlight to give a purr-fect demonstration of how litter boxes should be used. Kerri Burns, the CEO, joins the scene to guide us through the myriad options for feline restrooms and spills the beans on the correct number of boxes for a harmonious kitty haven.

Meet Kevin, an eight-year-old blind dog, as we shine a spotlight on pets with special needs and the exceptional medical care provided by Santa Barbara Humane. Hear about a groundbreaking procedure that saved a young cat born without eyelids, ensuring a bright and clear-eyed future.

But that's not all – Larissa Wohl, The Pet Rescue Expert, sits down with Sports Commentator and author, Roy Firestone, who shares the heartwarming tale of adopting Kobe, a black Labrador retriever, from West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue in Simi Valley. Discover how their bond inspired Roy to pen a delightful children's book, "Kobe and a Boy Named Roy."

"Hoof-tastic Sculptures, Litter-ary Lessons, and Pawsitively Inspiring Tails!" is a delightful blend of education, creativity, and heartwarming stories that celebrate the diverse and wonderful world of our animal companions. Don't miss this episode that promises to leave you inspired and smiling!

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