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Chip, Chat, and Cuddle - Furry Tales of Identification!

Get ready for a fur-tastic adventure in the latest episode of AnimalZone, where chips, chats, and cuddles take center stage! Kerri Burns, the CEO of Santa Barbara Humane takes us to the Santa Maria campus and reveals the secrets of animal chipping and vaccinations. And guess what? It's not just our canine companions getting chipped – cats, horses, and even our feathered friends are joining the identity chip party! Discover the paw-sibilities of keeping your beloved pets safe and sound.

Join Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, as she sits down with Maripat Davis, the founder of AFLAR (All For Love Animal Rescue), along with two rescue pit bulls on the lookout for their forever homes. Through heartwarming conversations, Laura delves into the unique stories of these lovable pups, showcasing the bond between rescuers and the animals they champion.

Get ready to be charmed at ResQcats, where founder Jeffyne Telson introduces a bushel of newborn kittens! Discover the challenges and joys of rescuing these tiny furballs, and witness the incredible efforts made to give them the purr-fect forever homes.

"Chip, Chat, and Cuddle - Furry Tales of Identification!" is a delightful blend of information, heartwarming stories, and adorable moments. Join Kerri Burns, Laura Stinchfield, Maripat Davis, and Jeffyne Telson for an episode that celebrates the bonds between humans and animals. Don't miss this episode that promises to chip away at your heart with tales of identification, love, and furry companionship!

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