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Mayor Max II - A Golden Leader's Tail

In this heartwarming episode of AnimalZone, meet the extraordinary Mayor Max II of Idyllwild, California, who has a real tail to share – quite literally, as he is a charming golden retriever! Joined by his Chief of Staff, Phyllis Mueller, discover how Mayor Max II was elected on a unique platform of love and peace, setting him apart from political rivals who may have promised bones in every dish, cats in every tree, and hydrants on every corner. Uncover the delightful story of a community leader who brings a wagging tail and a spirit of joy to the residents of Idyllwild.

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, engages in a fascinating conversation with Hank, a rescued Catahoula Leopard Dog and the state dog of Louisiana. Hank, along with his pawrent, Peter Stuart, expresses his avid fandom for AnimalZone, sharing insightful "woofs of wisdom" with viewers.

Delve into crucial insights about animals and the holiday season at the Santa Barbara Humane Society, as CEO Kerri Burns imparts valuable information from the 4th of July to Christmas. Learn essential steps to ensure the well-being of our furry friends during festive celebrations and avoid the need for unnecessary vet visits.

The episode takes a captivating turn as Mitch Telson, former President of Petco, shares the remarkable story of the national expansion of the beloved pet store brand. Gain insights into the journey of a small chain of pet stores in San Diego transforming into the renowned national brand of pet store emporiums under Mitch's leadership in the 1980s.

"Mayor Max II - A Golden Leader's Tail" is a delightful exploration of unique animal leaders, insightful pet wisdom, and the evolution of a beloved pet store brand. Join Mayor Max II, Laura Stinchfield, CEO Kerri Burns, and Mitch Telson for an episode filled with heartwarming tales and valuable information. Don't miss this engaging journey into the realms of golden leadership and pet emporium history.

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