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Making Waves – Water Safety, Maligators, and Wildlife Wonders

Dive into a watery adventure in this episode of AnimalZone as we explore various aspects of water safety, animal communication, and the fascinating world of wildlife. At Santa Barbara Humane, CEO Kerri Burns and Shelter Manager Sam Blankenship team up to share essential water safety tips for dogs. Gain insights into the proper introduction of your canine companion to pools, lakes, and oceans, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for both pets and their human counterparts.

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, takes the stage as she tunes in to Sunshine, a stunning Belgian Malinois mix, engaging in a conversation with her caretaker, Chelsea. Explore the unique characteristics of "Maligators," a term coined for dogs like Sunshine with a high prey drive and impressive teeth. Delve into the world of animal communication as Laura unveils the thoughts and personality of this remarkable canine.

The episode takes an adventurous turn as we visit the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network Center. Ariana Katovich, CEO, and Julia Parker, Director of Operations, provide an exclusive tour of their new facility under construction. Encounter a delightful array of wildlife, including a snowy egret, pelicans, ducklings, goslings, an opossum, raccoon, and even witness the remarkable moment of an odor-free skunk release.

"Making Waves – Water Safety, Maligators, and Wildlife Wonders" is a dynamic exploration of the diverse stories and experiences that unfold in the realm of animals. From water safety for dogs to the intriguing insights shared by The Pet Psychic and the wonders of wildlife care, this episode celebrates the enchanting world of our furry and feathered friends. Don't miss this engaging journey into the realms of making waves, Maligators, and wildlife wonders.

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