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Mountain Retreats, Canine Socialization, and Equine Legacies

In this immersive episode of AnimalZone, journey to the serene hills near Idyllwild, California, as we explore the Living Free Animal Sanctuary—a haven spread across 155 acres in the San Jacinto Mountains. Ray Barmore, the Executive Director, guides us through the sanctuary's diverse landscapes, starting with the poignant War Horse Creek, where rescued wild mustangs play a therapeutic role in assisting veterans transitioning to civilian life. Discover the transformative power of this unique program that brings together horses and veterans in a healing environment.

Transitioning to the Sanctuary's dog shelter, gain insights into the meticulous process of socializing and preparing dogs for adoption. Learn from knowledgeable animal caregivers about the compassionate efforts undertaken to ensure that each dog is ready for its forever family. At the Cattery, witness the playful antics of dozens of young and senior cats, each ready to become a cherished addition to a loving home.

The episode takes a scenic turn as we join farrier Robert Barnes at the Bella Cavalli Farms & Vineyards in Solvang, California. Explore the world of horse breeding as Robert shares his expertise on equine legacies and the intricate process of nurturing future generations of horses.

"Mountain Retreats, Canine Socialization, and Equine Legacies" is a captivating exploration of the Living Free Animal Sanctuary and the diverse stories that unfold within its tranquil landscapes. From the therapeutic bond between wild mustangs and veterans to the heartwarming tales of dogs and cats finding their forever homes, this episode celebrates the sanctuary's commitment to creating a harmonious environment for both animals and humans. Don't miss this enchanting journey into the realms of mountain retreats, canine socialization, and equine legacies.

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