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Hollywood Legends, Pet Celebrities, and Paws on the Trail

Embark on a captivating journey in this episode of AnimalZone as we explore the enchanting and historic Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park, nestled in the heart of Calabasas. Discover the final resting places of beloved pets belonging to Hollywood legends, including Rudolph Valentino's Doberman and Alfred Hitchcock's terriers, who made a cameo in his iconic film, "The Birds." Delve into the fascinating tales of Tawny, the MGM lion, and many other beloved animals whose legacies live on in this unique pet cemetery.

Shifting the spotlight to contemporary Hollywood, The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, engages in a delightful conversation with actress Tiffany Lonsdale and her rescue dog Hugo. Uncover the aspirations of Hugo, who has his sights set on making a mark in showbiz. Explore the world of pet celebrities and the unique connections forged between humans and their animal companions.

Back at Santa Barbara Humane, CEO Kerri Burns and Shelter Manager Sam Blankenship share valuable tips on hiking with your dog. Gain insights into the considerations and preparations necessary for a safe and enjoyable adventure on the trails with your furry friend.

"Hollywood Legends, Pet Celebrities, and Paws on the Trail" is a mesmerizing exploration of the rich history of the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park and the vibrant stories of pets with ties to Hollywood. From the aspirations of Hugo in contemporary showbiz to practical tips for outdoor adventures with your canine companion, this episode celebrates the diverse and enduring connections between animals and humans. Don't miss this enchanting journey into the realms of Hollywood legends, pet celebrities, and paws on the trail.

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