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Healing Words, Special Bonds, and a Menagerie of Love

In this extraordinary episode of AnimalZone, witness the awe-inspiring demonstration of The Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, as she showcases her remarkable gift in a conversation with an old mare named Butterscotch. Laura's intuitive connection reveals hidden insights, as Butterscotch communicates that all is well except for a loose tooth in her mouth. Later, when Dr. Charlie Liskey, the veterinarian, examines Butterscotch's mouth, the revelation comes to light—a loose tooth is discovered and promptly removed. Experience the power of healing words and the profound connection between animals and those who understand their silent language.

The journey continues at Santa Barbara Humane, where CEO Kerri Burns engages in a heartwarming conversation with Julie, who adopted Justin, a blind dog. Discover the inspiring story of Justin, who has become a cherished special needs pet, proving that love knows no boundaries.

Venture to Alta Loma, where Mikey Carrillo opens the doors to his rescue menagerie. This enchanting haven is home to a delightful array of parrots, tortoises, koi fish, turtles, pigs, and dogs—all surrounded by an abundance of love. Explore the unique bond Mikey shares with his diverse animal companions, showcasing the transformative power of compassion.

"Healing Words, Special Bonds, and a Menagerie of Love" is a captivating exploration of the extraordinary connections that exist between humans and animals. From the healing words of The Pet Psychic to the heartwarming tales of special needs adoption and the love-filled menagerie in Alta Loma, this episode celebrates the transformative power of understanding and compassion. Don't miss this enchanting journey into the realms of healing, special bonds, and a menagerie of love that transcends species.

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