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Family Ties and Heroic Horses

In this heartwarming family-focused episode of AnimalZone, host Arthur von Wiesenberger is joined by Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, for a delightful conversation with a special guest—Monty, a French Bulldog belonging to Arthur's son, Chris. Laura taps into Monty's thoughts, unraveling insights about the dynamics of having kittens in the house and the canine joy of finding carrots in his bowl. Join the family affair as they explore the unique bond between humans and their furry companions.

The episode then takes viewers to the majestic Sequoias, where Deb and Bob Walker of the K-9 Behavior Company in Oregon shed light on the remarkable world of search and rescue dogs. Discover the incredible training and skills these heroic canines possess as they play a crucial role in search and rescue operations in challenging terrains.

Journey to the Golden Heart Ranch in Ojai with Dr. Charlie Liskey, DVM, as he explains the intricacies of veterinarian procedures in examining a horse. Meet Butterscotch, a senior mare, and gain insights into the compassionate care provided to horses at the ranch.

"Family Ties and Heroic Horses" is an engaging exploration of the diverse and heartwarming stories that unfold in the world of animals. From the family dynamics of a French Bulldog to the heroic efforts of search and rescue dogs and the compassionate care of horses, this episode celebrates the enduring connections that make animals an integral part of our lives. Don't miss this charming journey into the realms of family ties and the extraordinary contributions of our animal friends.

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