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Rescues, Roosters, and Rodents

In this heartwarming episode of AnimalZone, a feathery hero takes center stage as a rooster finds himself in a perilous situation on a bustling intersection, facing the chaos of heavy traffic. Genéte M. Bowen, the compassionate Founder of DogE911®, steps in to orchestrate a daring rescue, coaxing the rooster to safety and eventually transporting him to Lilly’s Animal Sanctuary in Arroyo Grande, founded by the dedicated Erika Satkoski. Watch as the rooster transitions from the busy streets to the peaceful sanctuary, joining a diverse family of hens. His story becomes an integral part of the sanctuary's educational program, highlighting the importance of compassion and rescue in creating safe and healthy lives for animals.

The journey continues to BUNS in Goleta, where more than rabbits and bunnies capture our attention. Phil introduces viewers to rescued Guinea Pigs, charming rodents searching for their forever homes. Learn from Phil how these small companions can make excellent pets, especially for younger caretakers. With the right care, feeding, occasional treats, and diligent cleaning, a positive relationship blooms, revealing the friendly and affectionate side of these delightful Guinea Pigs.

"Rescues, Roosters, and Rodents" invites viewers into the heartwarming world of animal rescue and sanctuary life. From the daring rooster rescue on a busy intersection to the endearing Guinea Pigs seeking loving homes, this episode showcases the transformative power of compassion and care in the lives of our animal friends.

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