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A dog, a horse and a kitten walk into a…

In "A Dog, a Horse, and a Kitten Walk Into a…," viewers are in for a heartwarming and diverse animal-centric episode that spans the compassionate efforts of individuals and organizations dedicated to the well-being of animals.

The episode kicks off with Michele Grace Morrow, the Animal Communicator, engaging in a conversation with Mira Shiga, a New York City resident with a heart for fostering hard-to-adopt rescue dogs. Mira shares her recent heartwarming adoption of Sunny, a senior dog, and Michele delves into Sunny's health issues, focusing on his kidneys. This segment not only explores the unique connection between humans and their animal companions but also sheds light on the challenges and rewards of adopting and caring for senior dogs.

Next, AnimalZone takes a visit to the Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, where Troy Herthel, DVM, shares the center's rich history, dating back to its founding by his father, Doug, in 1972. Troy's passion for equine care, inspired by his father's legacy, is evident as he showcases cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, such as the Samsung CT, used to ensure the health and well-being of horses.

The episode then transitions to the Santa Barbara Humane, where CEO Kerri Burns and COO Dori introduce viewers to Stevie, a kitten and one of many arrivals from overcrowded shelters in Los Angeles. The Santa Barbara Humane's partnership with the ASPCA, facilitating the transfer of animals from high-density shelters to Santa Barbara, highlights the collaborative efforts to address animal welfare challenges in California and beyond.

"A Dog, a Horse, and a Kitten Walk Into a…" weaves together narratives of animal rescue, adoption, and medical care, showcasing the interconnected web of compassion that spans species and regions. Join AnimalZone for an episode filled with heartwarming stories, expert insights, and a celebration of the extraordinary bond between humans and animals.

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