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The Pelican Brief

In "The Pelican Brief," join Julia Parker, Director of Operations at the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, as she takes viewers on an exclusive tour of the newly opened wildlife hospital. The episode delves into a captivating incident that unfolded in May 2022 when an unexpected pelican predicament struck the area, leaving hundreds of these majestic birds in dire straits. Julia recounts the challenges faced by the dedicated team at the center and reveals the distinctive characteristics of pelicans that posed both difficulties and rewards during their rehabilitation process. The narrative unfolds as the rehabilitated pelicans are eventually released back into their natural habitat.

Meanwhile, Animal Communicator Michele Grace Morrow lends her unique abilities to connect with the animal kingdom. In a heartwarming segment, she communicates with Watson, a donkey residing at the farm. Michele delves into Watson's health concerns and explores his emotions surrounding the recent passing of his stable mate, Ely. Through this intimate conversation, viewers gain insight into the emotional lives of animals and the profound bonds they form with one another.

"The Pelican Brief" offers a behind-the-scenes look at the tireless efforts of wildlife caretakers, the resilience of pelicans, and the touching connections that exist between animals. Get ready for a journey into the heartwarming and sometimes challenging world of wildlife rehabilitation and interspecies communication.

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