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AnimalZone Goes International
On this premiere episode of Season 10, AnimalZone Around The World, our first stop takes us to the vibrant city of New Orleans, where we'll meet Dr. Gregory Rich at the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital. Get ready to be blown away by the incredible parrots, lizards, and chinchillas he cares for. It’s like an exotic cruise on Noah’s Ark!
From the Big Easy, we're whisking ourselves away to Orlando, Florida. Hold on to your tails, because we're about to dive into the land of kittens at Whisker Town! Prepare to be overwhelmed by cuteness as we meet some fabulous furry kittens and their devoted caretakers.
Our journey then takes us all the way to Romania, where The Dog Rose is making a doggone difference. Brace yourselves for heartwarming stories as we discover how this incredible organization is rescuing stray dogs and finding them loving forever homes. Their dedication is truly pawsome!
And finally, folks, we're headed to Switzerland, where we'll unravel the fascinating history of the St. Bernard breed. We'll explore a Donkey Paradise in St. Gallen, cheer for the Swiss cow competition's reigning queen, and join the Zermatt rescue team, where dogs play a crucial role in saving avalanche victims. It's going to be a howling good time!

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