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Spa Day for Goats in Zermatt
In this episode of AnimalZone, Amade Perrig takes viewers on an adventure through the picturesque Swiss Alps surrounding Zermatt. The focus is on the unique animals indigenous to this region, including the ancient Roman black and white goats that are exclusively found around Zermatt. These goats, with their distinctive long hair, play a crucial role in maintaining the local grasslands and exhibit exceptional mountain-climbing abilities.
The episode also delves into the remarkable story of the Ibex, a straight-horned mountain sheep that faced near-extinction 150 years ago. Through determined efforts, the Swiss repopulated Ibex populations by capturing specimens from Italy and successfully reintroducing them throughout Switzerland.
Later, viewers are treated to a delightful spa day for the black and white goats of Zermatt. They receive a thorough wash followed by a pampering session of hair brushing. As naturally curious creatures, the goats cast longing gazes towards neighboring meadows, embodying the age-old adage that the grass is always greener on the other side. In spring, these goats roam around the village, while in summer, they ascend to higher altitudes, nearing the snowy peaks.
The episode introduces the Eringer cows, another exceptional breed unique to the region. These cows engage in spirited competitions during springtime, pushing one another to determine the strongest among them. They even emit low growls as part of their dominance displays. The victor earns the esteemed title of "Queen of the Cows," commanding respect from all others throughout the summer. The defeated cow gracefully withdraws and acknowledges the winner's authority.
To culminate the episode, AnimalZone teases an upcoming visit to the Sion cow festival, a vibrant two-day event that promises even more captivating insights into the cultural and natural richness of the Swiss Alps. Don't miss this exciting continuation of the AnimalZone journey!

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