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Battle for the Crown: Queen of the Cows
In this captivating episode of AnimalZone, we journey to the picturesque town of Sion, Switzerland, where a unique and ancient competition unfolds. Here, the mighty Eringer cows, a special breed known for their strength and resilience, engage in a tradition that has endured for centuries - the quest for the coveted title of "Queen of the Cows."
These beefy behemoths, some weighing over 1800 pounds, emerge from their winter retreats in a spectacular display of bovine power. They engage in a spirited but friendly pushing match to determine the mightiest amongst them, with no harm done in the process. The victorious cow earns the esteemed position of leader, holding the title throughout the summer and fall until the following spring.
As May arrives, queens from various villages across the Valais canton assemble in an outdoor arena, ready to test their mettle against their peers. The atmosphere is electric, with over 12,000 spectators and dedicated caretakers cheering them on. The winners are awarded a valuable cow bell and a finely crafted leather harness, symbols of honor and respect.
This episode not only showcases the remarkable bond between farmer and cow but also highlights the vibrant communities surrounding the Valais canton. We delve into the rich tapestry of Swiss traditions, from the soul-stirring notes of the Alpine Horns to the enchanting yodeling performances. The air is filled with the aroma of traditional Swiss cuisine, featuring wines from the canton of Valais and decadent melted raclette cheese served alongside perfectly prepared potatoes and delicious garnishes.
The Queen of the Cows competition, though cherished by the Swiss, remains a hidden gem for visitors from afar. Join us as we explore the region known for world-class destinations such as Zermatt, and discover the multitude of activities that await in the canton of Valais - from exhilarating skiing and invigorating hikes to indulgent spa experiences and world-class dining. The canton is also home to the heartwarming headquarters of the iconic St. Bernard dog, Barryland, nestled in the charming town of Martigny.
"Battle for the Crown: Queen of the Cows" is an episode that celebrates tradition, camaraderie, and the enduring spirit of the Swiss people and their beloved bovine companions. Don't miss this enchanting journey into the heart of Switzerland's cultural heritage and natural wonders.

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