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Alpine Harmony: Life on the Julen Family Farm
AnimalZone embarks on a breathtaking journey to the heart of the Swiss Alps, where the iconic Matterhorn stands tall over the picturesque town of Zermatt. Nestled in the shadows of this majestic peak lies the Julen family farm, a haven for unique and endearing creatures.
Here, viewers are introduced to the distinctive black nose and black feet sheep, reminiscent of cherished childhood toys like Lamb Chop from the Shari Lewis show. The Julen farm, a testament to three generations of hard work and dedication, awakens at the crack of dawn. Ryan, a dedicated member of the family, rises at 3:30 AM to nourish a young lamb with a tender touch, ensuring its well-being after struggling to nurse from its mother.
The farm is home to two remarkable bovine breeds: the Swiss brown cow and the Eringer cow, with African origins. Unlike horses, these cows lie down to rest, often during both day and night. Equipped with trackers, these bovines roam the mountains, guided by a keen sense of smell akin to a dog's, enabling them to locate the lushest grasses for sustenance. The Julen family's philosophy revolves around the delicate balance of nature—nourish the cows with premium grass, and they reciprocate with top-notch milk. This precious resource is skillfully harvested using an automated milking system before being handed over to an artisanal cheese maker in Zermatt, who transforms it into delectable Raclette cheese and yogurt.
The farm operates as a self-sustained ecosystem, prioritizing biodiversity. Waste and food are meticulously fermented, yielding both gas for energy and nutrient-rich fertilizer for cultivating hay. Following the morning chores, the Julen family gathers at the Hotel Julen for a hearty breakfast featuring an array of dairy delights, all sourced directly from the farm. Cheese, milk, and yogurt, each a testament to the farm's commitment to quality and sustainability, serve as the centerpiece of this nourishing meal.
Join "AnimalZone" as it captures the essence of life on the Julen family farm, where tradition, nature, and modernity harmoniously converge in the shadows of the Matterhorn.

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