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AnimalZone at Refuge du Darwyn - A Haven for Horses and Donkeys
In this episode of AnimalZone, our host ventures to the breathtaking landscapes of Geneva, Switzerland, to uncover the enchanting story of Le Refuge du Darwyn, a sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and care of horses and donkeys. Founder Anouk Thibaud leads us on a remarkable journey into her world of equine passion, emphasizing the sheer love for these animals in their most natural states, far from the glitz of competitions and shows.
Anouk's mission extends beyond horses, as she opens her heart and refuge to donkeys from both Switzerland and France, whether they be wild or domesticated. For those that have roamed the wild, Anouk and her team embark on a mission to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into the social fabric of the sanctuary, forging connections with other donkeys.
When the sun graces the sanctuary with its warmth during the summer months, Le Refuge du Darwyn transforms into an educational haven for children. Anouk and her dedicated team impart essential wisdom about coexisting with animals, tending to their needs, and nourishing their spirits. Young learners savor their meals in the sanctuary, deepening their connection to nature by planting seeds and nurturing the growth of plants.
In a heartwarming twist, Le Refuge du Darwyn offers a unique opportunity for the animals under their care to find forever homes. Adopters are welcomed, but the sanctuary maintains a watchful eye, ensuring that these animals continue to receive the care and love they deserve. The episode delves into the secrets of equine nutrition and healthcare, revealing how the animals here thrive and maintain their health.
The sanctuary's Director of Education, Nadia, shares her passion for teaching the next generation about animal welfare. She provides insight into the educational programs they offer, including internships that give hands-on experience in feeding, pasture care, and stable maintenance. The sanctuary's summer day camps, tailored for children aged 6 to 12, offer unforgettable experiences and lessons in compassion. A special summer camp for teenagers up to 15 years old provides a more in-depth exploration of animal care, priced at 430 Swiss francs for a week, inclusive of meals and an overnight stay at the refuge.
In this episode of AnimalZone, viewers are taken on a remarkable journey into the heart of Le Refuge de Darwyn, a place where the love for animals knows no bounds and where the future generation learns valuable lessons in compassion and stewardship of the natural world.

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