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This Saturday, February 3rd on Cox Television's national network at 8:30 AM, get ready to embark on a wild ride as AnimalZone kicks off its eleventh season with a visit to the SPCA Monterey County—a place where the hills are alive with the sound of chirping, neighing, and the occasional oink. This donor-supported haven for creatures great and small has been serving the Monterey community since the days when animals had to commute by horse and buggy.

Join our graceful guide, Beth Brookhauser, as she takes us on a tour of this hidden gem nestled between Salinas and Carmel. This place is a full-fledged animal utopia, boasting vet services, wildlife rescue and rehab, as well as dog and puppy training classes (because even Fido needs to learn some manners).

The compound is so picturesque that even the resident raccoons have their own Instagram account. From hawks to opossums, baby owls to frisky squirrels, it's a regular Noah's Ark up in there, minus the floods!

But wait, there's more. This sanctuary doesn't discriminate when it comes to four-legged friends. They've got horses, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens—you name it. It's basically a barnyard animal version of "The Real Housepets of Monterey County."

So, buckle up for a heartwarming and delightful journey through a place where the critters roam free, the caregivers have hearts as big as elephant ears, and even the opossums know how to strike a pose for the camera. Get ready to laugh, cry, and possibly adopt a miniature donkey by the end of the episode.

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