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In this episode of AnimalZone (Season 11, Episode 2), the AnimalZone team explores the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in Burlingame, California. Established in 1950, the facility has a state-of-the-art building constructed in 2011, and Buffy Martin-Tarbox, the Director of Communications, guides viewers through the various aspects of their operation.

The episode begins with a visit to the large indoor play area, where Duke, a young pit bull mix, enjoys some playtime with Ashley. The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA is an "open door shelter," accepting all animals, including exotics like bunnies, snakes, guinea pigs, and birds. The center also rehabilitates wild animals, releasing them back into their natural habitats with minimal human contact.

The dogs and cats are housed in comfortable "condos," often spending time in foster homes to ensure they are well-socialized before finding their forever homes. The facility boasts a full-time humane education professional and an outreach program that includes visits to schools to promote animal welfare, as well as therapy animal involvement.

The Wildlife Rescue Center section of the episode showcases Eastern and Western squirrels being cared for, often brought in due to disruptions caused by tree trimming. The highlight of the exotic animals is the introduction of two adult pet Ball Python snakes, Remi and Zorba. These friendly reptiles, often referred to as the "teddy bears" of the snake world, are available for adoption. The episode dispels myths about these creatures, emphasizing their health and socialization. Ball Pythons, known for their longevity, can live up to 30 years.

Viewers also meet Felix and Wyatt, two young tabby kittens among the 65 cats and kittens available for adoption on the day of filming. The episode provides a heartwarming look at the diverse animals seeking homes and the dedicated efforts of the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA. To watch the full episode, visit, and for more information about the organization, go to the official website:

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