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Join us for Season 11, Episode 3 and AnimalZone's enchanting journey into the feline haven of Cat Town in Oakland, California. Established in 2011, Cat Town stands as a refuge for cats whose age, health, and behaviors pose challenges for adoption in conventional shelters.

Executive Director Andrew Dorman unveils the captivating history of Cat Town, the pioneering birthplace of the first Cat Cafe in the US in 2014. Hosting up to 10,000 visitors annually, the cafe has become a cherished spot where patrons can indulge in coffee before venturing next door to Cat Town, meeting feline friends eagerly awaiting their forever homes. Because nothing says "I love you, cat" quite like sipping a latte in the company of playful felines. It's the hottest spot in town for both caffeine enthusiasts and aspiring cat whisperers.

Cat Town's distinctive approach is dedicated to reducing the euthanasia rate at Oakland Animal Services, achieving a remarkable drop of over 70% since its inception. With over 400 cat adoptions each year, the organization prioritizes matchmaking to ensure every cat finds their perfect family. Quinn Wright, Development Director, shares the secrets of creating the purr-fect home – a bit like eHarmony, but with more fur and fewer awkward dinner dates!

Dilara Goksel Parry, Certified Cat Behaviorist and Program Director, sheds light on the importance of crafting suitable environments for cats. Cats should always have a designated space in the home where they can escape and decompress away from people. Boxes, cat trees, or other elevated areas are especially beneficial. In homes with children, having a perch out of reach can be an ideal escape for cats.

The episode immerses viewers in the dynamic and artistic atmosphere of Cat Town, showcasing creations by local Oakland artists. It explores the cage-free environment, providing cats with various nooks and crannies for escape and relaxation. Gain insights into cat behavior from Dilara Goksel Parry.

Cat Town ensures that every paw finds its way into the hearts of loving families, creating a love story that begins with a meow and unfolds into a lifetime of cuddles. Brace yourself to be charmed by the paw prints that leave lasting imprints on the hearts of those who open their homes to these fabulous feline companions. For more information about Cat Town, visit

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