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In this special episode, Laura delves into her lifelong ability to communicate with animals, a skill she discovered in her youth. She enlightens viewers about the innate capability we all possess to connect with our furry friends, often in subconscious ways. Laura shares that animals communicate with her through various channels, including words, pictures, and feelings.

The episode unfolds with a compelling story of a reading where a woman's dog voiced concerns about an unsettling presence in the house. The dog revealed disapproval of a woman visiting when the husband was alone. Initially dismissed as the cleaning lady, Laura's insights later proved accurate when the woman discovered her husband's affair. The ensuing divorce resulted in custody of the faithful dog.

Traveling to Ojai, California, Laura engages with Buttercup, an older horse who tells her that she has a loose tooth. During an examination by the veterinarian, Charlie, Laura's revelation is validated as the loose tooth is successfully removed.

In Dallas, Laura connects with Moose, a skittish pit bull mix. A sensitive discussion about seeing the vet triggers a defensive response, highlighting the importance of mindful communication with animals.

The episode also features Michelle Silva, owner of Bruley, the Frenchie from the "Queer Eye" Netflix series. Laura shares the emotional journey of communicating with Bruley after his passing, emphasizing that he is in a happy place surrounded by love. Additionally, Laura touches on readings involving Eli the donkey and Java Bella, a shelter rescue with a remarkable transformation in behavior.

A visit to The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary unveils Laura's conversation with Jamie McLeod, the Sanctuary Director, and a unique bird named Buddha. Unraveling Buddha's origin as the pet of Princess Shams, the Shah of Iran's sister, Laura sheds light on the bird's capture in New Guinea and its unique preferences.

This episode, spanning 11 seasons of the Pet Psychic's involvement with AnimalZone, showcases Laura's remarkable readings and deep connections with the animal kingdom. Don't miss this fascinating journey into the world of pet communication and the extraordinary bond between animals and their human counterparts.

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